It is booked, sort of!

So yet another momentous day, but this one the biggest yet by far.

I sent off my booking form to CMK (, and asked to join the trek on the Rongai route which starts on the 24th February 2010. I am sure that I will hear back from Henry in the morning, but there was still space this morning on the website, so I am assuming it is OK. Even if it isn’t, Henry has said he can find a climb for me around that time (may still have to find another climber or two), but I am going, that is for sure.

I am going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

It feels closer now. Or does it? I just counted and it is approximately 166 days from now. I don’t honestly know whether that sounds to you like a lifetime away or just around the corner, but it feels like a mixture of both to me. Part of me just cannot wait to go, but another part knows that I am so not ready to go, and need a long time to prepare. I have so little time during the week, and need to make some – and it is just 22 weekends away! Help!

So much to do, but one very big step nearer to it being reality…….tomorrow I need to get me some flights I hope…….

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