Some pictures of the mountain:

This is a bit of a trial run and I will add to it/update it later. I wanted to add some pictures of Kili that I have been looking at online, as I think they are gobsmackingly stupendous. Here is one:


How good is that? You get a picture of the diversity of eco-systems involved, from the tree-lined tropical forestation at the bottom, to the permanently snow-bound peak at Uhuru.

I love this next one too, perhaps more so:


It looks like the mountain is almost unreal, or superimposed, because presumably of the fact that there are the elephants in the foreground. It is easy to forget however (or if you are like me to just not to have realised properly at all) that we are just below the equator, just next to the Serengeti, home to elephants and giraffe, and the outrageously fantastic wildebeeste migration. I wish now that I was going to do a safari as well, but I think that for now that I have quite enough to think about!

Until later……..

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