My Gear, or lack of it…

OK -so the following is a list of a typical Kili Gear list, and beside it is whether I have so far accumulated that item, whether by buying or begging (nicely, usually). I copied the list off someone else’s blog, hope they don’t mind:)

Hiking Boots                                                                              YES
Gaiters – OR Verglas (waterproof/breathable)           YES

Liner Socks – 3 pair (1 heavy, 2 light)                             NO
Wool or Pile Socks (2 heavy, 2 light)                               YES
4 pair underwear                                                                      YES
2 pair lightweight long underwear tops and bottoms  YES
2 Poly T shirts                                                                               YES
1 lightweight windproof long sleeve fleece shirt            YES
1 Fleece/Synthetic Jacket –                                                    YES
Shell Jacket hood –                                                                      NO
Down Jacket- Sub-Zero Hooded Jacket                             YES
Convertible Pants –  (water resistant)                                 YES
Fleece Pants – Tech Pant                                                          NO
Synthetic Insulated Pants –                                                      NO
Glove Liners                                                                                 YES
Gloves/Mitts –  (waterproof down)                                      NO
Hat –                                                                                                 YES
Balaclava –                                                                                    YES
Neck Gaiter –                                                                                  NO
Glacier Glasses – Julba Advance                                           NO
Headlamp –                                                                                   YES (Thanks Becca:))
Compact camera –                                                                     YES
Extra AA Batteries (for headlamp)                                       NO
Camelback – 3L                                                                           YES
Aqua Pure                                                                                      NO
Pack Towel                                                                                   YES
Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving razor, ear plugs     YES
Sunscreen and lip balm                                                          YES
Wet Wipes and roll of toilet paper                                      YES
Hand sanitizer                                                                            YES
Pee Bottle                                                                                      What? :), NO.
Extra shoe laces                                                                         NO
Snacks –                                                                                          NO
Chemical Hand Pad Warmers                                              YES (Thanks Claire:))
Small personal first aid kit                                                     NO
Swiss army knife                                                                        YES
Baseball cap                                                                                 erm, no, but will get floppy hat.
Bandana                                                                                        you what?
Trash bags/plastic ziploc bags as needed                      NO
Camp shoes (cross-trainers)                                               YES
Sleeping Bag 5F                                                                         YES
Full Length Self-Inflating sleeping pad                           YES
Backpack (packed weight 30lbs)                                        NO
Seems I have a few things to buy still – although I don’t think I have the need for all of the things above. Large backpack for the porters, climb trousers, Camelback, soft shell, sunglasses (don’t want to take my best ones), headlamp and good mittens are the main things I still need. Oh and my own list will be a bit longer than that too, so will copy that on here sometime later and let you know what is really being taken. Still, it is a start.
So much to do and think about………

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