I Made It!

I will update more later, including a host of pictures and stuff, but just to let anyone know who has been following this blog that at 7.10am on 1st March 2010, myself and six fellow trekkers successfully made it to the top – here we are at Uhuru Peak:

Uhuru Peak, 1st March 2010. Caroline, Raymond, Me, Heather.

2 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. Very well done Chris! I’ve followed this blog for the past few months and I am so glad you were successful. I am thinking of following in your footsteps later this year so your experiences in the run up to the climb have been very informative. Now you have completed Kilimanjaro I look forward to reading about your adventures in the “(beyond?)”

    • Thank you – if there is anything else that I can do to help with your trip then let me know. There is so much to learn on these things, and the more people you talk to who have actually been there the better. Good luck with everything.

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