The Great British Bike Ride:

Tried to upload a link here from the Great British Bike Ride but it doesn’t want to let me, so instead just a quick update here for now.

My nice new bike arrived just last week! It is great, just haven’t had much time to try it in anger yet. I did try it in my dining room with my cleats on and fell over almost demolishing the dining room table and me with it – I have a bruise the size of a small European country on my arm to show for it where it took all of the weight of my body on the fall against the pointed edge of a chair.

I have also been accessory shopping – have bought bib shorts (which cost me about thee billion pounds, but are very comfy:)) helmet, two pumps (long story, more when I have time, but it is stupid), mits, cycling socks (hahahahaha), shoe things with metal clippy things in to go into your pedals, cycling glasses, some energy drinks and gels, and a tight spandex cycling top which I am certainly too embarrassed to wear in public. I also have a trip computer which I cannot work out how to change from km to mph yet, but as I haven’t done many of either at the moment then I don’t suppose it matters too much. I have some other stuff ordered too, but can’t even remember what it all is.  I just know it is a costly business this one. Fun though, at least whilst the novelty is still here:)

I got my new sponsorship page up and running too. Since I am a brazen hussy when it comes to waving the sponsorship tin, I will give it a mention right here – it is:

I am required to raise £300 for the charities as part of the conditions for the ride, so please help if you are able/willing etc. I do like Help For Heroes in particular, and so am very glad to be helping them in any small way I can.

I have so much to tell here. Amongst these are the first few outings on the bike, an update on the Three Peaks Challenge, the latest news on the route and preparations for the Great British Bike Ride, and lots of other good stuff. Oh and I am sorry for few posts recently but I have been packing to move house this coming weekend – a new and fresh start awaits in so many ways……………

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