Trying to get these miles in

Well following my last post about the Fireflies last week, I am delighted to say that I made it to the ‘Grand Depart’ on Friday evening Golden Square, Soho. Most of the riders were there to get ready for the off, and here is a piccie of them approaching the launch party.

The Fireflies are go!

My good friend Colin is pictured at the front with the baritone sax. He led the cyclists into the square playing “Oh when the Saints go marching in”. The cyclists all had yellow balloons attached, with their logo of “For those who suffer we ride”. When they got to the square there was a big celebration with drinks and music. The cyclists all got together and were introduced to the crowd:

A rousing reception for the cyclists

Apparently some of the cyclists were actually already en route. The ride itself starts I believe today as I write this (the 15th June), and some of them decided that 1,000km wasn’t quite enough for them, so they were cycling over to Geneva for the start! The guys who had already started had a message for the masses and their comrades. If you are offended by bad language then look away now. The message was “Lets raise some money and Fuck Cancer”. I don’t think it could be summed up better than that, hence my choosing to repeat it verbatim here. I therefore chose to buy a few commemorative items, like a Fireflies cycling jersey (I shall be wearing it on the Great British Bike Ride for certain) and a drinking bottle. The profits were all going to Leukaemia research, and that was good enough for me. I also sponsored Simon (Colin’s friend) for the ride too, but he doesn’t know it, as I did it anonymously. I remember my couple of anonymous benefactors for Kilimanjaro, and how much it meant to me, so thought I would do it the same way. And he will have no idea that this blog even exists, so I am safe!

So at the weekend it was my turn to try to get some miles in. I should have been doing 60 miles each week so far, but my cycling diary shows that I have done 18, 22, 22, and 58 so far in the four weeks since I started. Not very good really is it? I therefore made sure that I put some time aside to get at least a ride in on both days. On Saturday I did 16, and on Sunday 24, my longest ride so far! So at least that is progress. I need to do 70 miles this week and then after next week it starts ramping up to 120 per week, so I have lots to do.

I bought me some new stuff too, more socks, more mits, a bike rack (helps clean and maintain it more easily) and various other paraphernalia. I am not even counting what this is costing me, I am enjoying it, even if it is hard work – harder than I thought it would be in fact. I am considering trying to do a longish organised ride in July, maybe 50 miles or so, to see if I can do it. It worries me that I may not be up to it, so I shall just wait and see for now.

Oh and I also had a phone call at the weekend from someone I don’t know, who had been put in touch with me by an ex work colleague. He was going to be climbing Kilimanjaro starting today, and asked if I wouldn’t mind answering some questions and giving him some advice. Mind? I was delighted! We spoke for about 40 minutes or so, and I hope I put his mind at rest a bit – he was a bit nervous it has to be said – but I am sure he will be totally fine. He will be on his way by now, but I shall be thinking of him on that most wonderful of places as he has his epic adventure – my very best wishes are with him for a great time.

And so back on the subject of charities, soon it will be my turn to shake the tin for my ride in September. I need to raise at least £300, and so if anyone out there fancies sponsoring me then the link is attached below:

So my apologies for the shameless plug, but it is all for a good cause………….

2 thoughts on “Trying to get these miles in

  1. Hi there, I originally came across your blog whilst researching trips to Kilimanjaro, the content of which has helped me as I prepare for a trip up Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route in September 2010.

    Reading your post Kilimanjaro entries, I thought you might be interested in the attached link to the ‘Tour De Force’ blog, which records the daily experiences of a group of cyclists from the UK, as they complete the full 2010 Tour De France route for charity, two weeks in advance of the professionals.

    Good luck with your ‘and beyond’ pursuits.



    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks hugely for your comments and the link to the Tour de Force. I had a look at the blog, and wow those guys are hardcore! That is something which at the moment I could not even contemplate doing, and so my hat goes off them for their fitness and strength. Best of luck on your Kili preparations – the Lemosho Route was going to be my first choice until I switched and did the Rongai. Doesn’t matter really though, you’re going to end up at the same place and see pretty much the same things along the way! If there is anything else I can help you with in that regard let me know in due course.

      Have a great time,


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