And so further to my last post on the demerits of Health & Safety policies, I have been in touch with the nice folks at The Great British Bike Ride. It seems that what happened is the following:

When I signed up for the GBBR (I was the 24th person to do so), it was the intention that we would indeed all be cycling into Twickenham. It seems however that the RFU then decided that this would not be a good idea from a Health & Safety perspective, and suggested that we could perhaps ‘stand in the corner of the stadium’ or something like that. It seems then that various conversations took place with the GBBR people, and that eventually a compromise was reached whereupon 10 people will be allowed to cycle into the stadium, and the others can walk or jog behind. I was told that this all happened about two months ago, and that subsequently people who signed up were told this, and so I was the only one who piped up as I didn’t know. I apologised to Barry at the the GBBR for causing any consternation with either my blog or the email that I sent him whilst on holiday, and he said he understood why I felt aggrieved as I was not party to this information.

So all is fine and ‘water under the bridge’ as it were. I still think it is a shame that we can’t cycle in, but I now understand the reasons why, and so that is the end of the matter as far as I am concerned.

I am very fired up for the GBBR. It is clearly a fantastically well organised event, and I am very impressed by everything the orgnaisers have done. I  just hope I do myself justice.

So meantime I need to get on with the cycling. I have just got back from holiday last night, and so this evening will be my first time in the saddle for 10 days. I think it is going to hurt………I shall let you know how I get on.

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