So here I am with just two days to go. It is very much the calm before the storm, and I wish that it was here already. It is hard to get the balance right – I can’t (or daren’t) drink, I am trying to shove carbs down my neck at a rate of knots, and can’t go out on a long bike ride as I am supposed to be resting. It is therefore very frustrating.

I have been in the meantime trying to get packed. My attempt at getting all of my stuff into ( my daughter’s) 70 litre rucksack have proved impossible, and so I am experimenting with various other bags. I can only take one under the regulations, and it has to weigh less than 15kg. That is a tall order, at best. My bike stuff alone takes up the whole of the bag and all 15kg worth.

I also had an email from the GBBR folks today. Everything looks to be well in order, and all is set for the off. I did get confused however by one instruction. We have been asked to bring 20 £1 coins as apparently there are various fines for who knows what, and then also we were told that if we didn’t pay them on the spot, we would be “cakeholed by Cake Hole Kate”. What? I mean, what on earth is that about? I have googled the term ‘cakeholed’ to no avail whatsoever, and so if anyone has the slightest clue, then ‘answers on a postcard’ as they say.

So tomorrow is my final day before I go to Lands End. I may when I eventually get there find out what cakehole means (other than the thing that I have been merrily shoving pasta into and no wine or beer into). I may even be tempted not to pay my fine so I can get cakeholed myself. Who knows what awaits!

Final post tomorrow before my ride, and lots of final thoughts and trepidations no doubt. The nerves are jangling………..

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