The 24 Peaks are getting too close!

Well next weekend is getting very close indeed. Like 5 days away close, and that is scary.

The reason for such trepidation is that on Friday I will head to the Lake District for the so-called “24 Peaks”. It is an event that I only came across a few months ago, and thought “why not?”, whilst right now I just find myself saying “why?”.

The challenge is to climb 24 peaks above 2,400 feet in the Lake District in 24 hours trekking time, but spread over two days. There are 36 miles of walking, plus around 13,000 feet of climbing, including Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, a tough climb in itself, and others such as Great Gable, Helvellyn, and Bowfell.

The full list is as follows, as modified for the route that I am taking through Global Adventure Challenges, the expedition leaders:

Day One: Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Ill Crag, Broad Crag, Scafell Pike, Lingmell, Great Gable. Green Gable. About 18 miles of walking plus the climbing.

Day Two: Red Screes, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Seat sandal, Dollywagon Pike, High Crag, Nethermost Pike, Helvellyn, Browncove Crags, Lower Man, Whiteside, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd, and White Stones. Again about 18 miles of walking.

Walks start both days at around 6am, following a minibus ride to the start, so 5am for breakfast both days in the bunkhouse.

I haven’t trained specifically for this, but am hoping that I have enough residual fitness to get me through it. I suppose having done the Yorkshire Three Peaks, the Welsh Three Peaks and a fair amount of other walking (I’ve just done 37 miles this weekend alone for example) should help a lot, but we will see.

I’ve done so far this year on my measured walks 227 miles and 33,800 feet of ascent. But that is since March. How much will that help me? Well some, for sure. I am set to find out though, and very soon.

I am maybe in for a shock…..


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