Help me Choose a Hotel?

OK, so am trying my best to choose a flight after a week of indecisiveness. I thought I had a flight booked yesterday, but then I lost it after I tried to press the ‘buy’ button. Shame, it would have been perfect – it left London City airport at 8am and got into Arusha at about 9pm the same day via Amsterdam.

I found out that it is Arusha that I need to stay in, so all my deliberations about Moshi or Arusha the other day are in vain! It seems that all of CMK’s operations are there, and so that will be my base! So that is a decision made for me. What happens if I don’t like Arusha though? I think I much preferred the sound of Moshi.

What I need to know now is which place to stay in, and so I am asking for help.  Can you help me? It seems that I have the choice of the following hotels:

Arusha Naaz: Arusha Naaz Hotel

Le Jacaranda: Le Jacaranda

Outpost: Outpost Lodge

Now I can do each of the above inclusive of my trip price, so they will be paid for already. Like the look of them? I looked on, normally my favourite authority on these matters, and it seems that le Jacaranda is the most favoured option. However, there are also these:

L’Oasis Lodge: L’Oasis Lodge. Now this one doesn’t look fantastic from what I can see, but it costs me an extra $30/night. Any takers?

Onsea House: Onsea House. This looks absolutely wonderful, but is another $170/night (wow!), and is only a B&B with four rooms, so will be horribly quiet I imagine?

Arusha Hotel: Arusha Hotel This does look good, and apparently Bill Clinton stayed here. $400 a night apparently – wonder if that includes the cigars:)

Impala Hotel: Impala Hotel Big place in the middle of town. It says, Pure Comfort, Sheer Luxury, 160 rooms, 1 21″ colour TV. Looks a bit scary to me – I think it may have locks on the outside of the bedrrom doors!

Moivaro Lodge: Moivaro Lodge Quite like the look of this one. Might be horribly pricey too. Need to find out.

So I have a lot of choices – I think there are also the Arumeru River too: Arumeru River Lodge.

What does anyone think?

I am trying to decide what outweighs what (does that make sense in any language?). I am going to get there needing to just kip and get up at 6am the next day to walk ten million miles to the surface of the moon, or something like that. I’ll then get back a week later stinking to high heaven, and need a hot shower for an hour. That’s it, really. Next day I’ll be on a plane out of there, so I might as well stay anywhere I think.

Anyone reading this been there and can give me some help with this one please?

Oh and tomorrow I am going to play croquet, of all things. Is that random? Don’t ask!

Until then………..

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