Abramovich Doesn’t make it….

It was with considerable interest that I read last week that Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea football club owner was to climb Kili this week. I opened my Sunday Times this morning to read the following headline however:


I think it goes to show you that even with a lot of support (apparently the seven strong group (Abramovich plus six mates) had the assistance of no less than 113 porters!) you have to take going up to nearly 20,000 feet very very seriously indeed. I think I need to redouble my training efforts therefore (efforts, what efforts? I haven’t done anything at all yet!) – so today will have to get down to something or other. I had thought about doing something yesterday, but the pub won at lunchtime and that was that for the rest of the day. Need badly some willpower – anyone lend me some?

I am going to therefore start today by monitoring miles run (I am going to get a treadmill, did I tell you that already?) and also miles walked, such that by the end of this all I can tell myself just what it took for success (or failure).

So: Miles run: 0

Miles walked: 0


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