A New Blog Title

So having thought about my blog title, and deciding that it didn’t really mean or say anything, I have changed it to the somewhat naff “To Kilimanjaro (and beyond?)“. I’m not sure about it still though. Maybe I should delete the parentheses? Or change the question mark to an exclamation mark? I don’t know – anyway it is better than it was that is for sure.

I suppose that I am still learning all this technical stuff. I am also a bit of a ‘stabber and a pecker’ when it comes to typing, having never learned to use a keyboard until I was way too old (that’s a reasonably big regret actually), and so I will hopefully sort it all out in the end. I need to learn how to put my posts into chapters or whatever they are called.

So what else happened today? – well I have not yet heard back on my hotel choice having given it yesterday to Henry, so hopefully tomorrow. That will be another significant one for me. I also need to go to the doctors to find out about what vaccinations and when I need them. I put a post onto ukwalkingforums website to see if anyone fancied a trek up the Fairfield Horseshoe at the weekend, but no takers yet. I have been contacted by a guy who has apparently led two Kili expeditions this year though, and has invited me to do the Three Peaks challenge at the end of October. That might be a stretch for me at the moment I have to say, especially to break in a new pair of boots (not to say the state of the rest of me).

I just need to get out and do something, that is for sure. It is interesting to note though that (especially for those of you that have done it before, of which I am one) the highest point in England, Scafell Pike, is a hard walk by most people’s standards. It hurts!. It is also a grand height of some 978 metres. Kilimanjaro is a gnat’s todger short of 6,000 metres! Holy smokes! Not for the faint hearted methinks.

Anyway, I am off to get some shuteye, I have to go and meet my nemesis in the morning for the first time, and I have to be there for 7am! Yes I am off to see Mark! I think I maybe shouldn’t have had this fifth glass of wine this evening?

If you do not hear from me tomorrow then he has probably put me off exercise for life – I am crossing my fingers, and think it is about 50:50 either way…………..or maybe that is being optimistic…….what, oh what, have I done?

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