Mileage at last!

So if you read my last post then you’ll know that I was off to meet Mark for my first session. Well fired up I most certainly was, and the fact that I am writing this at all obviously means that I survived to tell the tale. There is one main reason for that, in that it didn’t actually happen!

I got there bright and breezy (well actually I felt like death warmed up, but what do you expect at 6.45 on a Friday morning?), trying not to feel or look too much out of place. I mean, what do you wear? Do you turn up dressed for work and then change there, or do you turn up in your brand new conspicuous never-been-worn trainers and stuff in the foyer and stand out like a sore thumb? Anyway, I went for it, and marched in with T shirt and shorts and my shiny new Saucony trainers (very comfy, good for under-pronators like me). I met Mark at the reception desk, to be told that there had been a cock-up, and that I had been put back. I felt a mixture of disappointment at not getting down to business, but relief to some extent as I would be more ready for it when it finally came, which is re-scheduled for next Wednesday. The time was not totally wasted, as a guy called Stevie showed me how the cross-trainers and treadmills work etc. and so I can go back at any time.

So today I duly did (go back I mean). I actually fancied a swim, and wandered along at about noon (today is a Saturday), but I find a few Dads with very young kids in the pool. This is slightly strange as I was told that kids weren’t allowed in the pool, which was apparently why there was a low chlorine level there, but maybe I just misheard all that explanation. Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I should even be in there with babies and things, so I leave and go to the gym

I eventually figure out how the equipment works (the place is deserted, which for self-conscious me is good), and get started on a programme on a cross-trainer. I last about 20 minutes, and the machine tells that I have done about 1,000 steps, and burned 100 calories. Magnificent!  I am on a mission after all! I then go onto a treadmill, and select the 30 minute “hill-climber” programme. I get through the whole thing, covering 2 miles, and my pulse rate gets to a max of 137 during that time.  The fact that the machines all have electronic heart monitors attached is a bit scary to be honest.

Oh I also weighed myself in the changing rooms, so whilst we are about to start monitoring all sorts of things, then here is the first statistic for you:

I weigh today 81kg, or 12 stone 10lbs. I think that is about 178lbs if you are an American:). That is quite heavy for me historically, although my weight has been around 12 stone (and probably never more than 1 stone plus or minus) since I was 18 or so.

So afterwards this afternoon I went to see Toy Story in 3D in Didcot. It was only released yesterday! Toy Story is certainly in my top 20 films of all time (I must put the full list on here sometime), and when I found out they had re-done it in 3D it had to be done. It is fantastic by the way, and so anyone out there thinking about it should just go do it, it is totally recommended.

So my first miles in training are recorded. Tomorrow I hope to get the new boots out in anger (I wore them this evening in the house and did the ironing in them:)) and do some proper walking.

I have momentum – the journey has really really begun now. So if anyone is reading this, I am looking for my first sponsor – it is for a cause that I think people know is enormously close to me, Bowel Cancer. Anyone like to be my very first sponsor?

Thank you/

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