And then there were Three…

OK, so I got an email this morning with my final invoice (only another $1,861 to pay it seems:)), my final itinerary, my kit list, my route instructions, the lot. BLOODY HELL, IT’S REAL!

They aren’t allowed to tell you who you are going with (privacy act stuff and whatever which seems fair enough), but I know that it is a ‘couple from New Jersey’. So that’s it, just three people in total. In some ways I am glad, in some ways I am disappointed. I had sort of hoped for a bigger group, for more shared stories/experiences etc., and when you are with new people for 24/7 that you don’t know, then some of them you will probably gel with better than others, so the more the merrier etc. On the other hand there could have been a big group who all knew each other and were cliquey and I could have been the outsider or whatever. Anyway, I’m not at the end of the day there to meet people, it would be a bit easier, less work and certainly cheaper to just go down the pub if that’s what I was looking for!

So, ‘couple from New Jersey’, if you ever happen to come across my blog before you go, I look forward massively to sharing my adventure of a lifetime with you. I will try not to get in your way, or be aggravating if I can help it lol.

Reading the kit list has just served to reinforce how much I still need to get hold of before I go – it is a bit daunting, and the most scary thing is that it has made me realise that I have just nine weeks to go, which is nothing. Heck, I had better get fit – so more later, am off to the gym……..I may have a bacon sandwich first though, it might be the last one for a while……………..

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