The gym re-opens (boo!)

So it had to happen, they re-opened the bloody thing didn’t they!

After about two weeks or more of a break (well it was Christmas too, and so I wouldn’t exactly have been beating their door down for a refund of my membership!), I went back yesterday for a good old (and overdue) workout. I was going to do my usual routine, but as they have changed about 90% of the gym equipment, and I couldn’t find the Nordic climber thingymajig, I had to alter my routine. Does that sound funny to you, it does to me:)

So all the gym equipment is very new-fangled. Each treadmill and bike has its own tv, ipod dock, fancy programmes and the like. The gym itself looks a bit more austere, but is fresh from several licks of paint, and so I am sure will be ‘warmer’ after a while. Not much can feel warm though whilst we have temperatures of -5 outside! Place was packed too, lots of people like me eager to get rid of their excesses over the festive period.

Anyway, so I did my bit on all the new equipment, and got done as much as I could without injuring, maiming or otherwise making an idiot of myself. Didn’t do too bad, but realised half way through that I need a new programme, some new motivation, inspiration etc. I want to be pushed harder, for it to hurt more. No pain no gain, no beer no cheer:) I have seven weeks to go, it is now or never for flippin’ heck’s sake!

As I leave I therefore go and speak to the girl on duty, and ask for a re-appraisal of my programme, and tell her why. She says ‘no problem’, and can I be there at 7 in the morning? That focuses the mind somewhat, and so I say ‘yes of course’.

I resolve two other things too – tomorrow I am going to launch my sponsorship stuff to the unsuspecting world – I would love to raise some money, anything at all for such a worthy cause as Bowel Cancer, and secondly I am going to have a big sort of wall chart in the house, so I can tick off the days and chart progress etc. If that sounds a bit OTT then you don’t know me – I need every kick up the backside/reminder/prompt/guilt trip I can lay my hands on.

I am going to climb Kilimanjaro, and it will NOT kill me………

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