31 Days to Go – gulp!

Sorry for anyone (all of my fans out there haha) waiting for an update for the last week – I think is my biggest gap without posting anything, about 10 days I think. Well I had a bit of a crazy week at work, which meant that a.) I was working ninety three billion hours a day (or so it felt), and b.) we had an office away day, and then moved offices Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have therefore had a week off the gym, which at this stage of the process is really not good. I did get back on track on Monday night however.

So the last three nights have been tough. The first one having been away from the place for over a week just hurt. If anyone is reading this subsequently and thinks of slacking, just don’t! The best thing that you can do is make your training frequent, sustained, and progressively tougher. I am not sure I can say that I have done that anywhere near well enough, but I am trying. Working long hours is a challenge in itself, and when you finish work at say 8pm the last thing you want to do is go to the gym for 90 minutes, when you are hungry and tired and just want to put your feet up. But you just have to, it is as simple as that.

So three brutal days then. It got easier every day however. I am actually enjoying the new routine much more, even if the weights just downright hurt. If I was meant to be lifting weights someone would have given me some muscles, and I don’t really have any to speak of, so that’s probably why it hurts more. Shirt collars starting to get tighter round the neck though, so something must be happening!

Anyways, this is just a quick late night update to keep this thing going. Oh and my shiny new camera arrived this week too – I bought it for that mountain place thingy that I am headed to. It’s a Lumix thingymajig – nice! I’ll post more about it at the weekend.

So in precisely 31 days time I will be on my way to that place that continues to inspire me, to haunt me, to frighten me. I wish I had more prep time now – it is coming too quickly. 31 days – help! The excitement is building – I have so much to do…………..and most certainly not enough time.

Until the weekend………..

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