I think I have it all now….

So this weekend I went and bought most of what else remained from the list of things that I needed.

I have started to assemble things accordingly too. 13 days to go now – is that too early to start getting ready? I don’t think so!

I'm gonna need a bigger rucksack....

So here assembled you will find a host of stuff that will come with me, and this is all before I start to put together clothes, sleeping bags, boots and the like. Everything here as far as I am concerned is essential.

There is, from top left across:

  1. Towel
  2. Energy sachets
  3. Friendship bracelet made my my daughter:)
  4. Sunglasses holder
  5. Factor 50 suncream
  6. Innoculations cerification, incl. Yellow fever
  7. Thermal undertrousers
  8. Microfleece towel
  9. First aid kit
  10. Jogging pants for camp
  11. Walking trousers
  12. Blister pads
  13. Sticking plasters
  14. Malarone tablets x 19
  15. ‘Timex Explorer’ watch
  16. Digital Camera
  17. Plastic bags/Ziplocs for wet stuff
  18. Immodium
  19. Vaseline
  20. Savlon
  21. Walking socks
  22. Bloc sunglasses
  23. Energiser headtorch
  24. Diarrhoea medicine
  25. Aftersun cream
  26. ‘Deet’ mozzie spray
  27. Afterbite stick
  28. Tea Tree oil
  29. 3 Litre camelback with insulated sleeve fitted
  30. Waterpurifying tablets x 64
  31. Thermal top
  32. Sleeping bag liner
  33. Spork (!)
  34. Tea Tree oil
  35. Hydrocortisone
  36. Swiss Army Knife
  37. Spare shoe laces
  38. Water bottle
  39. Wet wipes
  40. Woolly hat
  41. Balaclava
  42. Strap for large rucksack
  43. Travel pillow
  44. Shoes/trainers for camp
  45. Thermal vests
  46. ‘Summit socks’:)
  47. Soft shell (or an imitation thereof)
  48. Floppy hat

I hate to think how much this lot cost me. Or actually I don’t. It doesn’t matter really. It is all necessary, or not. How much I use is by the by – if I didn’t take just one of these things then I would probably find that I had a need for it. I will be away in Africa for 10 days after all, and have to carry (between me and the porters anyway) everything that I need for 72 miles – if it is not with me then I will not be able to use it. Which reminds me – better go and buy some toilet roll……

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