I have tried my best I think without being obsessive about things to get fit for this thing in front of me. There are lots of levels/degrees of fitness however, both mental and physical.

It has been interesting to watch and observe people at my local gym (The Park Club, Abingdon, Oxfordshire) over the last few months. I like watching people. You see the same faces and also the new faces, the happy and determined, the unhappy and undetermined. People seem to fall into categories. There are the posers, male and female, who spend nearly as much time looking in the mirrors at themselves as they are clearly wishing that others would look at them too. There are then those who are just there to be social, as they clearly do not spend time or effort on any of the pieces of equipment. Then there are the muscle-bound crew, whose aim is to show just how big their guns are, and to out-pump the next guy. It is all good fun.

So I remain committed meantime just to being as fit as I can within the constraints of work and life and stuff, and without ever trying to be too OCD about it. Trouble is, when you are as undisciplined and generally lazy as I am, you just have to push yourself. So I think now that there has been only one day in the last two weeks when I didn’t do some form of gym or exercise.

At the weekend for example I got up early Saturday and did a spin class before I went shopping for my remaining kit (which I find out today I need more of by the way – more of that tomorrow, – I mean what the hell is berocca, and how are you supposed to know that you need it?). Spinning was hard, but I did most of the climbs at gear 18 on the Kessler M3, for those of you out there who know your stationary bikes:), which was hard enough for me. Then on Sunday I did a walk of about 6 miles, including a small-ish hill, called Beacon Hill, in Hampshire. Nothing too strenuous, but a good pull, and in full boots and stuff so all good for something! Here is a piccie of me at the trig point at the top:

Wonder if Kili will be this easy?

So meantime it is now Tuesday and I have a small dose of man flu, which I am hoping goes quickly. I am away through work for I think the next couple of nights and so training will be difficult. There is I suppose now a very limited difference in just 12 days (12 DAYS – Oh my God!) that I can make to my fitness levels, although I do have a new personal training session booked for next Monday just to see if the last week can be made the most use of etc.

At the weekend I will do a couple of gym sessions too – it cannot hurt after all, although in my case it always does, actually:)

Until tomorrow…….

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