Does anyone else wish to sponsor me for my ride please?

So far I have managed to raise just £87 in sponsorship for my ride, which is pretty crap really. I have done a poor job of shaking the tin therefore, whilst obviously being very grateful for those people who have kindly donated to date.

Worse for me, is that I have had a note saying that unless I manage to raise the £300 target by next week, then I cannot take part in the event. Now that won’t be happening, as I will probably have to pay the remaining £213 myself. To explain, the ride cost me £414 to take part, but it was also a precondition that each rider raises a minimum of an additional £300 for the ride’s chosen charities.

If anyone therefore is thinking about (or would now like to consider) donating for Help For Heroes etc., then please do it now:

Link is here:

Shameless plug over, and thank you in advance very sincerely to anyone who is able to make a contribution, however small.

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