Time to start sorting the kit out!

So this coming weekend will be my last big cycle before the event itself, now a mere 11 days away:o. The weekend before the ride we are advised to take it easy (now that is the sort of instruction I can really relate to:)), and also to ‘carb load’ (doesn’t sound too troublesome either), and also to hydrate as much as we can (probably doesn’t include wine and beer sadly, although I’m sure they both have carbs in them:)) and also ‘get plenty of sleep’. All in all I think I can just about manage that lot.

This weekend however is different – I didn’t get out at all last week, as it was a vodka-fuelled family knees-up of great proportions for (literally) the whole weekend. This weekend therefore I have to make it count – I am going to try to do at least 160 miles, which will be close to what I have to attempt on the first two days of the event itself, albeit without the Cornish hills. The weather forecast this weekend is sadly shocking, with heavy rain and strong winds forecast. I suppose I have to just put up with that however, as when the event comes if we have awful weather then I can hardly look out of my tent and say that I am not going to bother can I? I also fell off my bike last time I went out in heavy rain, so I will just have to take it easy I suppose and hope for the best.

Meantime I have started assembling my stuff for Lands End! I have begun to realise how much I have to take, and also that getting it all in is going to be a greater challenge than packing for Kilimanjaro. We are only allowed to take one bag, weighing 15kg in total, and that is going to be a very tall order.

This is just the start.....

Assembled so far are just some of the things that I will need to have, but you will see that amongst the melee, some very exciting (little things please little minds and all that) things have arrived this week. Two of those were my GBBR cycling top and bib shorts, which I have to say look great. They also fit too, which is an even bigger bonus! You may also spot in there my rider number (024!), and tent number etc., which arrived with another information pack this week. One of the weight issues I am going to have is that my bike lock weighs about 3kg on its own, and so this is going to be very very tight all round.

The list of things that I should have with me is as follows:

Arm warmers (x2)
Baby wipes
Bike lights
Bike lock
Bottle holders (x2) Drink bottle (x1) as you will be
given one by Clif Bar
Camping pillow
Chain lube
Chamois cream/Vaseline
Credit or debit card
Cycling gloves
Cycling jersey (x3)
Cycling shoes
Cycling shorts (x4)
Cycling tights (x1)
Ear plugs
Evening clothes
Eye mask
Gilet (x1)
Helmet (with replacement helmet pads)
Inner tubes (you need to carry at least three with you
at any one time)
Leg warmers (x1)
Long sleeve thermal vests/Undershirts
Medication (where appropriate)
Mini bike pump
Mobile phone
Mobile phone charger (labelled with your name)
Mosquito/insect repellent
Multitool (including allen keys)
Pen knife
Personal fi rst aid kit (e.g. deep heat gel)
Plastic bags (to keep things dry)
Puncture repair kit
Refl ective clothing
Sewing kit/safety pins
Self infl ating mattress
Sleeping bag (Summer)
Sun cream
Toilet paper (for use on route)
Torch, camera etc
Towels (x2)
Warm clothes (particularly for the evenings and
Wash kit and personal toiletries (ideally
biodegradable/environmentally friendly)
Waterproof jacket (x1)
Waterproof overshoes
Waterproof trousers

Now I do not even possess half of these items I have to say, and I am also hoping that things like thermal undershirts are not exactly required in Cornwall at this time of year. If they are then I am going to have a big problem as I won’t be packing any! Oh yes, and the eye mask – I assume that is for those who have trouble sleeping in mass tents containing ten people, probably. For me the bar at the rugby clubs will be my aid:)

So anyway, I will let you know how I get on on Monday. Meanwhile please sponsor me if you can, and that’s my final final plug, I promise!


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