Oh how I long for Kilimanjaro

So tonight I was reading Paul and Darina’s blog, as they leave tomorrow for that most wonderful of places. A link to their blog for those of you who haven’t seen it before is here:


The very fact that they go tomorrow just made me hanker to be back there so badly. They say that Kilimanjaro never leaves you, and for me that will certainly be true. I sit here now in my kitchen and can see from my seat my Kilimanjaro certificate, a bottle of Kilimanjaro lager, a box of Kilimanjaro tea bags, and my Kilimanjaro fridge magnet – how could I forget!

Darina and Paul will be doing the Rongai route, same one as I took back in March (I cannot believe it is half a year since it all happened), which makes everything even more real. I know where they will be every night, what they will be going through, and wish that I was there as well. They fly to Africa tomorrow, and will be on their way up from the Rongai gate on Monday, thus summiting on Saturday morning. I hope they have the time of their lives – good luck to both of you!

Meantime, while they summit (and they will, I know they will) I will be on a mountain too, so I can’t complain too much:) Next Saturday I will be half way up the Zugspitze, and will be staying that day at Der Reintalangerhutte, a mountain hut half way up the mountain. It looks great – there is a weblink below:


Apparently the trek to there is about half a day from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where I will get to following the Oktoberfest, which I hope I survive!

And mountains are very much in my thoughts at the moment – no more actual plans right now, but Everest base camp is still very much in my thoughts. As I think I have said on previous occasions, I will never be a climber at all, but would love to just see it. I have a copy of this month’s Trek & Mountain magazine, and there are some 50 pages dedicated to the people have been there, from Mallory and Irvine onwards. It is inspiring stuff, and makes me want to do it badly. There is a lovely quote in the magazine by Bonita Norris, the youngest British woman (hardly a woman at 22) to have climbed Everest, who says that “Everest is a collection of experiences, having a summit to your name means nothing tangible, it is the silly memories that you take home with you, and how blessed you feel to have visited such a spectacular place.”

There are so many reasons that folks give for wanting to climb mountains, and ultimately every one of them is personal. It is what you yourself take away that matters, and what you want to get from them may not be what you expect. The feeling of “blessed” however, seems so fitting.

OK, so that’s all for now, here’s a little piccie from half way up the world’s highest free-standing mountain to remind me of what it was all about back in March, and also for Darina and Paul (this one was after the Second Cave and before Mawenzi, they will walk past this very spot on Tuesday next). Have fun you two!

Majesty at its finest:)

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