Centre Parcs!

So I have been quiet for a few days, as I have been away on a trip with work. We had our annual company get together at Centre Parcs in Longleat, Wiltshire, which was great. Much hard work during the day was followed by way too much Tequila at night, and so as I sit writing this I am sat on a coach on the M4 on the way back, and am feeling somewhat jaded, to say the least. In fact I am feeling rough as a badger’s backside still, and it is 5pm the following day. I think it must have been a ‘bad pint’ or something.

Centre Parcs is great – I’d love to go back there sometime and try to do some of the activities, although it looks like they charge you a lot for all of the those things. The only thing we got to do was bike riding, which is essential to get around as the place is huge.  The bike riding itself was fun though, if a bit of a challenge whilst hanging my stupidly heavy laptop bag off one of the handlebars and carrying a couple of bottles of wine to boot. Oh, and down twisty lanes, in the dark, at 1am, and inebriated as well. I seem to be still intact as far as I can tell, which is quite frankly a bit of a miracle

I have not focused this week on the trip at all, and have a busy weekend ahead of me with my kids coming down to see me, which I am really looking forward to. I have said to my son Dan that he should do the bleeping beep test, which I think he may have agreed to, so that should be fun, but not when he beats my score!

So the things I have do first and next, in no particular order as they say, are book a flight, book a hotel, get the charity thing started, re-engage with Henry and make sure I am on the trip that I want to be on, then buy some new boots, some new trainers, find a gym, get walking, start my kit list, contact people re sponsorship, book holiday from work……….this is just the start, it is going to be a busy old time.

So; Miles run: 0

Miles walked: 0

Does riding a bike drunk at Centre Parcs count?:)

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